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Mobile Amplifiers has provided coverage for many companies both in Europe and abroad. The types of buildings for which we can provide coverage differ between large homes, high-rise business parks and other various types of buildings. Our technicians have proven extensive experience in a wide range of business installations and are able to provide custom solutions for any application. If you suffer from a weak signal, it is probably caused by one or a combination of the following ‘inhibitors’: insulation, building materials, distance and / or shadow.

If you want a commercial application where customization is required, please complete the Custom Questionnaire .

Common types of locations



Mobile signal coverage is no longer just a luxury; it is a necessity in the business world. Receiving an inadequate signal can affect all aspects of business, from sales to impact overall business productivity. Communication with customers and employees is necessary to function properly as a company on a daily basis. Our system can make the difference between bringing in a large customer or losing this customer to a competitor who is able to complete the deal.





Moving to your dream home is often a nightmare for mobile reception. We are able to provide a cost effective solution to keep you connected to the rest of the world. With our system, we are able to provide coverage throughout your home with an inconspicuous installation that does not damage the aesthetics of the home.



Medical facilities


Healthcare facilities and hospitals are among the leaders of technological developments. Often these institutions are unable to operate at full capacity and maximize efficiency, which may be due to the building materials used at these facilities and rural locations. We are able to provide coverage in all locations within these facilities, without interfering with the medical equipment, which is so important in these facilities. Communication and other mobile applications are essential for employees and clients in this stressful work environment.





In this fast-paced industry, mobile availability has become an important element when it comes to productivity. Many times, factories suffer greatly from poor reception, often caused by the tools and machines in the factory. Metallic structures, intricate layouts and impervious materials can be essential to the factory, but can severely weaken signal and reception. By using amplifier systems, these factories will benefit from both efficiency and production.



Entertainment & Hospitality


Guests and customers of facilities such as hotels and casinos expect that, even when away from home, they will have access to the means of communication they are used to in their daily lives. To satisfy customers and guests, it is important for these facilities to guarantee this need. By providing reliable and comprehensive coverage across the entire site and for the various wireless providers, guests’ needs are met during their stay.



Educational institutions


Today’s educational institutions have grown and expanded over the years. Spread over large campuses consisting of multiple buildings, including lecture halls, laboratories, dining rooms and dormitories, the possibility of connection has become more important than ever. Both students and teachers depend on the wireless coverage for, among other things, safety, comfort and information collection. We can provide you with the coverage you need on campus, large or small. 


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