Amplifier how it works

Weak mobile signal? Slow internet? Are your calls interrupted?

We have the solution

Although mobile coverage has increased in recent years, there is often a situation where your mobile, 3G or 4G coverage is poor and you have a weak connection with annoying interruptions. We offer high quality amplifiers that enhance the strength of your signal whether you are at home, in the office, on the road in your car or anywhere in the middle of the ocean.

What is a signal amplifier?

A signal booster is a device used to enhance the mobile phone reception in the local area, using a receiving antenna, a signal booster and an internal retransmission antenna. These are similar to the cellular cell towers used by the network providers, however a signal amplifier is much smaller and intended for use within a building. The modern mobile signal amplifiers can transmit mobile signals within the building. The system uses an external directional antenna to collect the best mobile signal, this signal is then forwarded to the amplifier and your signal is amplified and broadcast locally, greatly improving the signal.